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Company News About What do you know about children's lip gloss?
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What do you know about children's lip gloss?

Latest company news about What do you know about children's lip gloss?

Ingredients for lip gloss


1. lip gloss material: organic pigments or minerals, give lip gloss different colors.

2. wax: so that the lip color can have a certain cohesion and effectively outline the lip shape.

3. Vitamin E and other natural plant extracts protect lips and moisturize them.

4. some special ingredients: give different lip gloss different color effects, and meet the different needs of users.



The difference of lip gloss and lip balm


First, different texture


1. lipstick is the most common lip makeup, generally in solid form, texture than lip gloss to be drier and harder.

2. Lip gloss is usually gel. Now a lot of new products are also paste, but put on the lips immediately hydrated, which is the biggest difference from lipstick. Lip gloss presents a thick liquid or thin paste, rich in various highly moisturizing oils and glitter factors, and contains little wax and color pigments.


Second, the moisture is different


1. lip gloss is more watery than lip balm, and the lips should appear more tender after applying it, making the lips more shiny and the visual effect fuller. However, the moisturizing effect of lip gloss is far less than lip balm, and if it is a lower-quality lip gloss, it will not only have no moisturizing effect, but also let your lip moisture be taken away and evaporated.

2. lip gloss lip protection effect and skin feeling are not as good as lip balm, not enough moisture, often make people feel after 1 hour lips will become dry, so before applying lip gloss must first apply lip balm to moisturize lips.


Third, the state appearance is different


Lip balms are usually solid, and lip gloss is the gel, brush-on kind. The use of general lip gloss is relatively thick compared with lip balm, covering power is strong, and colors are diverse. Solid lip gloss and lip balm have similar effects.


The use of lip gloss


1. Only use lip gloss. Many young girls only use lip gloss, not lip balm. The advantage of this use is that it is convenient, even if you do not have to apply it in front of a mirror, it is no problem. At the same time will not appear very old, both make the lips have a fresh feeling, but not too bright.

2. Cover with matching lipstick. The characteristic of lipstick is that it can make lips pure and delicate, but the weakness is that it may be dull. Therefore, you can choose a lip gloss with the same color as the lipstick, without affecting the character of the whole makeup, and at the same time, it will make the lips more moist and full.

3. Add dimension. In fact, if there is a lipstick base, your lip gloss does not need to cover the entire lip, you can only point to the center of the lip, and you can choose a different color of lip gloss and lipstick, there may be a strange 3D effect, it will appear dreamy and beautiful.