teenagers makeup Apr 22, 2022

“Beauty awareness starts at an early age, and tweens/teens are becoming increasingly savvy due to the popularity of YouTube beauty tutorials. But it is certainly not just girls looking to express themselves through the use of beauty and personal care products as our research reveals that boys show a strong interest in male grooming products. Although self-expression is key to makeup usage, it’s evident that half of teenagers makeup feel more confident,” said Margie Nanninga, Beauty Analyst at Mintel.

Mintel research indicates that teen girls in particular are looking for relatable spokespeople as, overall, more than one third (36 percent) of all 12-17 year old beauty product users are eager to see people who are not photo-shopped or airbrushed in beauty and personal care advertisements, with girls (41 percent) twice as likely as boys (21 percent) to say this. What’s more, half (51 percent) of teens are looking for a spokesperson who is “like them.”

It is clear that in beauty and personal care advertising, different spokespeople appeal to different genders, as teenage boys are particularly interested in seeing celebrities (40 percent) and athletes (33 percent); however, teen girls are considerably less moved by the use of celebrities (26 percent) and athletes (17 percent) than their male counterparts.

“The saturation of film and TV stars and celebrity athletes, as well as the use of photoshopped imagery, in beauty and personal care advertising is driving many younger consumers to prefer more authentic representations, experiences and communication.

Kids costmic makeup will be more and more popular.

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