flower lipstick clear
flower lipstick clear
flower lipstick clear

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Experience the harmonious blend of nature and lip care with our Botanical Infused Lip Balm. The captivating presence of real dried baby's breath flowers, coupled with its exceptional moisturizing properties and convenient portability, make it a must-have addition to your lip care routine. Treat your lips to the embrace of botanical beauty and relish in the delight of having beautifully hydrated lips, wherever your adventures take you. Embrace the magic of our Botanical Infused Lip Balm and let your lips bloom with every application.

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Why Choose Us ?

1.More than 10 years cosmetic export experience.
2.Provide one-stop service for cosmetic design, proofing,production and shipment.
3.Cooperate with famous brands such as Disney,MGA entertainment,Claire’s...
4.Familiar with EU & US cosmetic standard.
5.Obtained many certificates:ISO22716,GMPC,BSCI,DISNEY FAMA.
6.Provide relevant documents,such as MSDS, COA,TDS, CPSR and TRA report.
7.A professional R&D team to bring new ideals and creating new products.
8.Design and create more than 200 items per year.
9.Customized logos,colors and packagings.  
10.Support free samples.

Product advantage

Introducing our Botanical Infused Lip Balm, a truly enchanting product that combines the nourishing power of a lip balm with the beauty of real dried flowers. Immerse yourself in the world of botanical bliss as you experience the exceptional moisturizing benefits and convenient portability of this exquisite lip balm.


Nature's Delicate Touch:

Prepare to be mesmerized by the beauty within our Botanical Infused Lip Balm. Nestled within the smooth and creamy formula is an entire constellation of delicate baby's breath flowers, enhancing the allure of your lip care routine. Each time you apply this lip balm, marvel at the charming presence of these ethereal blooms, as if nature's own enchantment has been captured in a compact tube.


Unparalleled Moisture:

Your lips deserve the utmost care, and our Botanical Infused Lip Balm delivers unparalleled moisture. Let the nourishing blend of natural ingredients, coupled with the hydrating power of this lip balm, grant your lips a rejuvenated feeling. Experience the smooth glide of rich emollients that effortlessly melt onto your lips, creating a protective barrier against dryness and leaving them feeling irresistibly soft and supple.


Conveniently Compact:

Designed with your on-the-go lifestyle in mind, our Botanical Infused Lip Balm is housed in a compact and travel-friendly packaging. Slip it into your pocket, bag, or purse, and enjoy the ability to moisturize your lips anytime, anywhere. Whether you're braving the elements, attending a social gathering, or simply going about your day, this lip balm is your perfect companion for keeping your lips beautifully hydrated at a moment's notice.


A Sensory Delight:

Indulge in a tantalizing sensory experience with each application of our flower lip balm. Breathe in the subtle aromatic notes that accompany the delicate presence of the baby's breath flowers. Delight in the gentle floral scent that heightens your enjoyment and contributes to a truly sensorial lip care ritual. Let your senses transport you to a tranquil garden, where bliss and beauty intersect.


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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.